Radio Interviews with NYC Hypnotherapist Jeffrey Rose

Dr Ronald Hoffman’s “Intelligent Medicine Podcast”

In this interview, Dr. Ronald Hoffman interviews hypnotherapist and nutritionist Jeffrey Rose. Jeffrey discusses how hypnosis can be used to help an individual overcome negative habits. Hypnosis is a powerful way to improve sleep quality, quit drinking, lessen anxiety, avoid unhealthy foods, quit smoking, and so much more. By accessing the subconscious mind, Jeffrey explains how we can change limiting subconscious beliefs to those that are empowering so that we may achieve our goals, desires and greater health. Click here to listen.

“SETH SPEAKS” with Seth Rudestky on Sirius/XM Satellite

Seth Rudetsky talks with NYC Hypnotherapist Jeffrey Rose about how hypnosis can be employed to help an individual overcome stage or performance fright. In this talk, Jeffrey offers a hypnotic induction perfect for any performer who wishes to feel more confident in front of others. Piano music is played in the background of this induction. Click here to listen.

Seth Rudestky is the afternoon host on Sirius Radio’s ON BROADWAY. He has played piano for many Broadway shows including Phantom of the Opera and Ragtime.

“Man Up” Radio Show with Dr. Harry Fisch

On “Man Up” radio show, Dr. Harry Fisch interviews hypnotherapist and sleep expert Jeffrey Rose about how one can improve quality of sleep. Jeffrey discusses different habits and choices that will promote better sleep function. He also discusses how hypnotherapy can improve sleep and help an individual find relief from insomnia. Click here to listen.

Dr. Harry Fisch is considered one of the “Best Doctors in America” and for more than 9 years, he has appeared in New York Magazine’s “Top Doctors.” He is an expert in treating men’s health issues and has regularly appeared on The Dr. Oz Show.