Published Health Articles Written By NYC Hypnotherapist Jeffrey Rose

“Even though ingesting caffeine in coffee and sodas, and other beverages is presently socially acceptable, it is actually a very addictive and harmful drug. It has many serious adverse effects, and those desiring to live a more healthy life should avoid it and lead a caffeine free life.

Anyone in recovery desires several things. You want to achieve a caffeine free life,  remain free of the drug you had been using and you want to alleviate the negative physical and emotional conditions that were created by that addiction…”

“Sleep for better health is important for everyone. With knowledge of proper sleep hygiene, new behaviors and habits can be incorporated in your life that promote, rather than disrupt, a healthy sleeping pattern.

One of the first rules is to establish a regular schedule of going to sleep each night, including the weekend. Of course, there will be times when you are out late and enjoying some activity, but when possible you should go to bed on the weekends at the same time as you always do. As part of the process of getting into bed at the same time each night, you should get into the habit of doing things that you know will make you more relaxed. Lowering the lights in your home…”

“The consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates in the American diet is very high. Sugar and refined carbohydrates create ill health in a multitude of ways, affecting insulin secretion and its efficiency, glucagon’s role in the body, obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and mental health. Sugar is also an addictive substance. Refined carbohydrates can come in many disguises (for example, fruit juices) in the ingredients list on food products and people in general, underestimate how much they are actually consuming, and how it may be contributing to the ill health they are experiencing. With 65% of Americans overweight, it is vital that sugar’s effect on the human body is well understood so people are able to take the creation of optimum health into their own hands…”

“Let’s get this out of the way, smoking and nicotine addiction are very bad for one’s health, but you know this. However knowing this and taking it to heart produce different reactions. The use of tobacco and its resulting nicotine addiction is responsible for killing more than 430,000 people each year in the United States, more people than die from car accidents, homicide, suicide, fire, and alcohol, cocaine, heroin and AIDS combined. Tobacco use in some form accounts for around one in
three of all deaths from cancer in the U.S. Smoking is responsible for 83% of all lung cancer…”

Hypnotherapy can be a valuable adjunct resource for anyone in a program of recovery from a chemical addiction. To understand why this is you must understand the true nature of a chemical dependency and what nature intended. The person who has a chemical dependency is not just getting
something bad for themselves, namely, a desire for a chemical that is extremely deleterious to their physical and mental health: They are also tapping into one of the body’s natural forms of creating an experience of pleasure: dopamine…”

“It is now in general accepted that individuals who take drugs may actually be self-medicating themselves. Rather than just being an addiction to the pleasure drugs give them, drugs are even more important to the individual as a mood-altering method of feeling better than they felt before. Many
people who have become dependent on drugs were suffering from severe mood disorders. They could have felt melancholy, sad, or even depressed. Many had events earlier in their lives that might have made any person very unhappy. Some had lived in, or were at present living in…”

“The importance that exercise plays in the health of the individual is now universally recognized. Everyone should be incorporating exercise into their life as a regular part of their life routine. As true as this is, there are special reasons why regular exercise helps those in recovery lead a healthier life.
Exercise improves a person’s outlook on life and raises their sense of well being. This eliminates any desire to reach for a drug to artificially improve how you feel in life. Many people have used drugs in the past to compensate for negative feelings…”

“Unhealthy levels of stress have become an unfortunate part of the modern life most people are living today. A desire to alleviate it has led many people to pursue ways of dealing with stress that are unhealthy. The reader, who is suffering from the effects of stress, may think that many of the
successful people around them who are extremely busy and working long hours are somehow more resourceful when faced with the demands of modern life. However, human beings…”

“Mood and mental condition are strongly influenced by one’s nutrition and general health. Many people believe they are experiencing unpleasant mental
states solely because of what has happened in their lives in the past, or because of the situations they are dealing with in the present. In many cases, they would do well to look at what they are experiencing in their life from another point of view. It is your personal resources at any one time that determine how things affect you and how well you are able to deal with them. Your physical…”

“The use of effective adjunct therapeutic modalities can create tremendous goodwill for any dermatological practice or medical spa. It will distinguish the practice within a community as being genuinely committed to both the esthetic enhancement and the general health of its clients. In this
regard hypnotherapy for your patients can be viewed as a natural extension and totally complimentary to the overall goals of any dermatological practice. The use of hypnotherapy at present is a growing trend both in the allopathic medical community…”