NYC Hypnotherapist Jeffrey Rose Interviews Dr. Mark Hyman at the 2016 Integrative Health Symposium

NYC Hypnotherapist and Nutritionist Jeffrey interviews Dr. Mark Hyman (Video Begins at 16:20). In this video, he emphasizes that it is not just the number of calories that matter, but the quality of your diet that influences your health. Just eating less and exercising more is not going to promote health unless what you eat is health-promoting. Dietary composition controls how your body processes food, not just the number of calories consumed. The type of food you eat determines whether it will be stored or used for energy.  He also notes they have shown that sugar is actually addictive.

The video then shows Jeffrey interviewing Dr. Hyman. Jeffrey asks Dr, Hyman about our present day diets. Dr. Hymn says that we have incorrectly been told to limit fats and consume more carbs, which has led to increasing obesity and diabetes. And, that actually, the healthy fats will help you lose weight, while carbs will promote weight gain. Fat helps you cut down insulin which creates weight gain while the carbs increase insulin. He also notes that fat cuts down your hunger so you don’t eat as much.

Jeffrey asks Dr, Hyman what he recommends people eat. He says he eats a Paleo diet with lots of vegetables and healthy fats, like avocados, and seeds and nuts, also virgin olive oil and coconut oil. He eats grass-fed meat, naturally raised chicken, and wild fish. He chooses low glycemic fruits while minimizing whole grains and beans.

Dr. Hyman believes if we had a healthy lifestyle with healthy food and healthy conditions like pure water and clean air, we wouldn’t need vitamins, but most people today do not live this health-promoting life. Overall, Dr. Hyman says eat whole food, healthy fats, get proper sleep and exercise and enjoy yourself.