NYC Hypnotherapist Jeffrey Rose Interviews Dr. James Gordon at the 2015 Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Hypnotherapist Jeffrey Rose interviews Dr. James Gordon by discussing his Center for Mind-Body Medicine, which he explains teaches people about self-care and self-awareness. His organization teaches local health care professionals how to employ relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, and movement and dance to help people they interact with. Although there are many forms of meditation, Gordon wants to find which ones are the most effective for each individual. There are three basic forms of meditation: concentrative, mindfulness, and expressive, which is done with the body and can include dancing, chanting, and even whirling.

Jeffrey Rose and Dr. James Gordon discuss what some have called the “Nature Deficiency Disease.” When we spend more time in nature, our mental and physical health improve. Dr. Gordon points out that we ourselves are part of nature and not separate from it. Nature, for him, is about beauty and connection. He believes that the less time we spend in nature, the more likely we are to lose ourselves.

Dr. Gordon feels that the medical establishment is slowly developing a better appreciation for the value of various forms of meditation. He points out that meditation comes from the same sanskrit root as the word for medicine. He believes meditation should be part of academic curriculum for all health professionals including social workers and nurses. His book Unstuck,Your Guide to the Seven Stage Journey Out of Depression is a tool to help people understand depression, get well and experience more stability and happiness.

In the next part of the video, Jeffrey Rose interviews Dr. Hyla Cass (Beginning at 10:00). In her book, she helps to uncover the physiological basis of common psychological symptoms. She believes that individuals should try to correct imbalances and improve their own physiological health before turning to prescription medication. For example, one’s depression may not be a psychologically based problem, but an iron-deficiency anemia, B12 deficiency or low thyroid function. Although your practitioner may just write a prescription for depression, he should be looking at all your hormones and your adrenals. Her book 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health discusses this in greater detail, as well supplements and diet change.

Jeffrey notes that he encourages his clients to take Omega-3 supplements which have been proven, among other things, to promote mental health. They both agree that exercise can be equivalent to taking anti-depressant prescription drugs. She points out that anti-depressant drugs have many negative side effects, while Omega-3 supplements have many additional, positive effects for the individuals. The body responds well to quality food, sufficient water and plentiful sleep. Drugs on the other hand have a slew of negative health consequences. Then they discuss her book: The Addicted Brain and How To Break Free in which she explains how you can use food and certain supplements to facilitate drug withdrawal. Amino acids and fish oil can help ease individuals out of their addiction. You can find out more at her website:

Jeffrey is then seen discussing the importance of Omega-3s from fish for brain development with the people from VitalChoice, a company that sells wild Alaskan Seafood that has been carefully tested for purity.

Jeffrey then talks with Dr. Kenneth Bock (Beginning at 19:12), the author of Healing The New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma And Allergies. Dr. Bock thinks the cause is genetic susceptibility coupled with worsening negative, toxic environmental factors. It cannot be explained away by better diagnosis techniques. For him the increase in these diseases are real. He has a center in Duchess County called Bock Integrative Medicine, where he helps children and parents deal with ADHD. He loves to see the parents do better too, as they realize the importance of making good food choices and seeking out high quality, efficacious supplements in their own lives. Two of the most important for him are Omega-3 fish oil and Probiotics.

Jeffrey notes that children with proper nutrition, including low sugar, organic food, Omega-3s, sufficient sleep, and adequate exercise will be better able to escape ADHD.  Dr. Bock points out that research is showing that it is not just heavy metals, but pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are contributing to the present high level of ADHD among the child population. He says that medical professionals and parents are more likely today to heed the advice to avoid artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives in their food choices. This is because irrefutable studies have now shown a strong connection between adverse health and consumption of these harmful substances. Dr. Bock is excited to continue educating people about eating health-promoting, organically grown food and taking high quality supplements.