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Find Freedom from Insomnia with Hypnosis

Do you often feel exhausted at night but somehow you are incapable of falling asleep?
Perhaps you fall asleep easily but wake up in the morning feeling tired and lethargic?

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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia and Deeper Sleep
Do you often feel exhausted at night but somehow you are incapable of falling asleep? Perhaps you fall asleep easily but wake up in the morning feeling tired and lethargic? Insomnia and sleep disruption are conditions which affect nearly 30 percent of the US population. For many, the unfulfilled desire for restful sleep can create feelings of frustration, anxiety, and helplessness.
Sleep challenges are often the result of a restless mind and worry about the real or imagined challenges in one’s life. People lie awake at night feeling anxious about falling asleep. The more one tries to fall asleep, the more difficult it becomes. This can keep someone trapped in a vicious cycle of worry. Sleep is a natural event that we cannot force to happen. The best we can do is learn to relax our minds and trust in the natural rhythm of restful sleep. Fortunately, hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to develop the conditions necessary for proper sleep. When we sleep deeply, our bodies heal themselves, hormone levels are restored and the mind is rejuvenated.

How Poor Sleep Quality Affects our Lives
Most of us know the feeling of waking up in the morning feeling lethargic and unmotivated to start our day. When poor sleep is a chronic condition, the effects on our emotional and physical health can be severe. We may feel a lack of motivation and energy, mental cloudiness, and increased irritability. Scientific evidence has shown that chronic insomnia can also raise the risk for hypertension, cardiovascular disease, depression, and cognitive disorders. In the long term, insomnia can be a very detrimental condition. When we are suffering from any of the issues listed, it is more important than ever to reduce stress in our lives and cultivate centeredness.

Are Sleeping Pills the Answer? NO.
Although sleeping pills may help initially to induce sleep, they are not a long-term solution. It has been shown the sleeping pills interfere and inhibit deep sleep and REM dreaming cycles. This significantly reduces sleep quality. Eventually your body grows accustomed to the drug and you need a greater dosage to elicit the same sleep-inducing effect. Whenever we take unnatural substances such as sleeping pills, we create more imbalance in the body.

Hypnotherapy to Restore Proper Sleep Function
Deep and restful sleep is a natural cycle like breathing. We cannot learn how to sleep. What we can do is to understand the beliefs, patterns, and attitudes we have towards sleep that are impeding its natural function. Hypnotherapy is an amazing way to understand any negative subconscious beliefs we have about sleep and to instill new beliefs that will help us to live life with more centeredness and ease.
Anxiety and stress are two of the greatest culprits that make it difficult to calm your mind before bed. Our internal chatter can keep our bodies feeling nervous and contracted. This may keep us trapped in the Sympathetic Nervous System or “Fight or Flight” nervous system. We must be operating from our Parasympathetic Nervous System (“Rest and Digest”) before bed to sleep well.
In a hypnotherapy for Insomnia session, you will be guided into a deep state of trance. During trance, our NYC Hypnotherapist Jeffrey Rose will use the power of suggestion to offer new belief systems, attitudes, and expectations about sleep. Existing belief systems and conditioning related to sleep will be brought to the surface and replaced with systems that are supportive to your wellbeing. Negative associations that link sleep to frustration, worry and fear will be replaced with positive associations that link sleep to tranquility, ease, and trust. The way you expect gravity to keep you rooted to the earth, you will expect to sleep soundly each night. Other positive suggestions will be instilled that help you feel more empowered in the greater picture of your life. The challenges that once occupied so much space in your mind will have less weight and influence over you. You will feel more confident in your ability to handle challenges without taking them so seriously and preventing you from enjoying yourself in the moment.
If you are ready to be free of insomnia and to start enjoying the benefits of deep, restful sleep, then give us a call today at our NYC office to book a session with Jeffrey Rose. We are excited to help you achieve greater balance and well being in your life!

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Our outstanding New York City hypnotists are here to help you reach your goals in 2 to 3 hypnotherapy sessions. The clinical hypnotists at New York City’s Advanced Hypnosis Center have decades of experience in hypnosis and helping people improve their lives. Providing hypnotherapy on the Upper West Side of Manhattan we can help you with your life challenges and help you set upon a new, more satisfying and fulfilling path in life.

Our New York hypnotists are certified and trained by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and or the National Guild of Hypnotists. When you come to your hypnotherapy session, your visit will be relaxing and professional from the first moment you step into our Manhattan hypnosis center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NY.

Regardless of how busy your personal schedule may be, we are able to work around client schedules, offering a variety of opportunities for hypnotherapy including evenings and weekends. You should know we are happy to make a House Call hypnosis sessions should you prefer to have the session conducted in the privacy of your own home.

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At Advanced Hypnosis Center of NYC we take a holistic approach, because we believe that body and mind is a unity that cannot be broken up into parts. With the expert advice of our NYC hypnotherapist, nutritionist, addiction recovery coach and sleep specialist, we are able to help you create the permanent positive changes you desire on all levels and in all areas of your life very effectively and naturally.


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Listed below are only the most common challenges the staff at the Advanced Hypnosis Center are called on to resolve for our clients. You should know that these only represent a small number of all the programs we have available in order to deal with the many challenges we have seen in our practice.

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When you come to your hypnotherapy session, your visit will be relaxing and professional from the first moment you step into our Manhattan hypnosis center on the Upper East Side or our Rockland County, NY hypnosis center in New City, NY. In addition, you will have the opportunity to choose whether you are more comfortable seeing a male or female hypnotherapist.

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Over the last 20+ years, the Advanced Hypnosis Center of NYC has helped 1000s of people achieve their goals with Hypnosis and can help you too!

It’s been one month since I went for smoking and it was the best decision of my life! So grateful that I found him!  Highly recommend, great experience and very effective. Thank you!

Erika S.

Jeffrey Rose did a seminar at our company for employees.  The topic was empowerment and motivation.  The event was a tremendous success and we will most definitely have him back again each year.

Viper L.

For over ten years I have had sleep issues. Through Jeffrey’s helpful techniques I am now falling asleep faster and sleeping much deeper. I was delighted that this happened with only a few sessions.

Seha N.

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